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(New Zealand Forest Research Institute Limited)

Scion offers a niche capability in the analysis of plant- and bio-based materials. Our suite of microscope equipment combined with world-class skills enables us to offer a uniquely specialised service.
Microscopy techniques are used extensively by Scion in the development of plant-based biomaterials.

Images provide valuable insights into product characteristics and performance. Scion offers internationally-recognised expertise in microscopy and image analysis of wood and plant fibres. This capability is used to support plant and industrial biotechnology research, as well as the development of new biomaterials. Scion undertakes specific projects for clients, with services tailored to meet your specific needs.

Services include:

- Specialised analysis of materials and problem solving for product development.
- Identifying the species of wood samples.
- Training courses in microscopy and image analysis.

Dr Lloyd Donaldson, Senior Scientist - Microscopy, Plant cell walls, Biomaterials
Dr Alan Dickson, Scientist - Fibres & Packaging
Dr Saad Hussain, Scientist - Polymer Foams
Dr Armin Thumm, Scientist - Composites & Adhesives


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Dr Lloyd Donaldson
Phone: +64 7 343 5581