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The year is almost half way through and the society is trying to think of ways to attract new members and perhaps rethink what members are looking for in the society. One of the most important things is keeping in touch with fellow microscopists, not only for the sake of learning new techniques and ideas, but the support of like-mined people to enthuse about the subject with. Let’s be honest here, we’ve probably all encountered the glazed looks and stifled yawns from friends and family when we try to include them in our little world.
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After another successful conference in Auckland, the society is now on the hunt for the next conference location and perhaps a new look agenda. Feel free to make your thoughts known to the committee members, all ideas are welcome as to how the event can be improved for both members and the suppliers.

Also try and feed through articles of interest to the editor of the newsletter, see the Contacts link. These are always welcome and something you might think of as common knowledge might make someone else’s day.