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This is used for general workshop registrations, so please be sure to choose the correct workshop you are attending, so we're clear on who is doing what.

Any questions please contact Mihnea Bostina directly at mihnea.bostina@otago.ac.nz


Workshop 1: Cryo EM Hanmer Springs, North Canterbury, NZ
Mark your calendars for Monday, the 27th of November, as the workshop commences at 3:00 pm. It wraps up at noon on the 28th.

All workshop sessions will be held at the Hanmer Springs Hotel, 1 Connical Hill Road, the
same splendid venue as the NZSBMB conference.

To secure your spot, a nominal fee of $50 per person must be paid by November 26th using the Paypal link opposite.

Workshop Payment

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