Microscopy NZ


Christchurch is home to the University of Canterbury, a number of CRI (Crown Research Institutes) nearby and the agriculture focussed Lincoln University 30 minutes from the city centre.

This is the largest collection of tertiary and research based facilities in the South Island.


Located opposite Lincoln University, AgResearch has transmission electron microscopes on site and experience with imaging and image analysis of biological and bio-derived samples (e.g., food, meat, wool) using a range of light, electron and x-ray imaging methods.

Contact: Duane Harland duane.harland@agresearch.co.nz

AgResearch: Lincoln


Biological Science houses an inverted Leica TCS SP5 confocal microscope is equipped with a full range of lasers from 405nm to 633nm, as well as incubation and heating/cooling chambers.

The confocal microscope is accessible to outside organisations on a contract or collaborative basis.

Contact: Claire Galilee claire.galilee@canterbury.ac.nz

University of Canterbury: Christchurch