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Phillips CM100

Jeol Ice Breaker

Scanning  EM

Jeol 6700

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Image Analysis

Light Microscopy

The University of Otago hosts Dunedin's most extensive and diverse range of microscopy equipment, techniques and staff expertise.

The most accessible microscopy services are those housed in the Otago Micro and Nano Imaging (OMNI) facility. These are listed below.

Research groups  throughout the University also have microscopy-related equipment and staff, but these may not be accessible to outside users. Such facilities are welcome to add their details if they wish.

Electron Microscopy


Widefield Microscopes

Nikon Ti2E Inverted

Olympus BX61 Upright

Confocal Microscopes

Nikon A1+ Inverted

Zeiss LSM 710 Upright

Micro CT

Skyscan 1172

Confocal/µCT/Image Anaylsis: Andrew McNaughton andrew.mcnaughton@otago.ac.nz or 03 479 7308

University of Otago: Otago Micro and Nano Imaging (OMNI)

Electron Microscopy: Allan Mitchell allan.mitchell@otago.ac.nz or 03 479 5642


Micro CT

Skyscan 1172