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Transmission  EM

FEI Tecnai

Jeol Ice Breaker

Scanning  EM

Hitachi tabletop TM3030Plus

Mass Spectroscopy



Nanolive 3D Cell Explorer

Tissue Processing

TEM specimen preparation


Image processing and analysis

Analysis notes and resources


Light Microscopy

The University of Auckland has a number of microscopy facilities and equipment hot spots. These will be added once details are checked and updated. In the meantime, the Biomedical Imaging Research Unit is a very good starting point. It houses both light and electron microscopes, a team of highly trained staff with a breadth of knowledge across experimental design, image acquisition and image analysis. It also has a mass spectrometer, high content screening and whole section imaging resources.

Electron Microscopy


Confocal Microscopes

Olympus FV1000-slide imaging

Olympus FV1000-live cell imaging

Zeiss LSM 710 inverted

Widefield Microscopes

Leica DMR upright

Nikon TE2000E inverted

Zeiss Axio Imager M2 upright

Nikon BioStation-live cell imaging

V-slide whole section imaging

High content screening

Leica MZ16 stereo microcope

Contact: Jacqui Ross  jacqui.ross@auckland.ac.nz or 03 479 7308

University of Auckland: Biomedical Imaging Research Unit (BIRU)