Microscopy New Zealand Conference 2024

Save the Date

Nibble your way to the 31st NZ Conference on Microscopy at
Lincoln University 2nd-5th December 2024.

This long-running conference series is to foster networking and capability awareness across Aotearoa New Zealand for scientists, engineers and technicians at all career levels through a
common interest in imaging and microanalysis.

During the next few months we will announce more details, including fascinating talks by keynote speakers (from early career to experienced sages), session themes, the workshop programme, and advice on where to stay and how to apply to present a talk or poster.

This face-to-face microscopy conference gives attendees an opportunity to talk to microscopy trades people and vendors about the latest technologies and those invaluable practical tips that just can’t be effectively communicated via video conferencing.

So please, save the date, and, mā te wā, we will see you soon.

Any questions please contact Duane Harland directly (see below).


We need your help
Workshops are a highlight of our conferences. While the steering committee have some in mind, we would love to hear suggestions.

What would you like to attend? Could you run a workshop?

Please get in touch with Duane Harland, or any of the committee below or the Microscopy NZ executive.
Conference steering committee
Duane Harland (AgResearch)
Marina Richena (AgResearch)
Artemio Mendoza (Lincoln University)
Claudia Meisrimler (University of Canterbury)
Mark Staiger (University of Canterbury)
Esther Kim (Plant and Food Research)
Matthew Plowman-Holmes (Plant and Food Research)

Microscopy NZ Inc.
Rob Woolley (University of Otago)
Mihnea Bostina (University of Otago).
Ria Rebstock (Plant and Food Research)

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Trissolcus larva micrograph courtesy of Lee-Anne Manning, Plant & Food Research, taken on a Hitachi 4000Plus II Tabletop SEM